Tired of Fad Diets and Calorie Counting?

Unlock the power of your mind to lose weight & stay slim forever!

Before visiting me, many of my clinical hypnotherapy clients have tried almost everything to lose weight and stay slim. They're usually stuck in an endless cycle of calorie counting and yo-yo dieting! Some of these diets may bring short term positive results, but the weight usually piles back on eventually.

We know that obesity can lead to many physical and mental health related problems throughout life including diabetes, heart disease and depression. To live a long, happy and fulfilled life, being overweight is simply not an option!

The truth is, diets do not work! They treat the symptom rather than the root cause deep within your unconscious mind. This is the part of your mind that runs 90% of the show, and hypnotherapy can help us unlock it so we can reprogram our brain to work for us helping us to lose weight and stay slim forever!

Hypnotherapy is a Safe & Natural Solution!

Losing weight is very simple - eat more healthily and exercise more. There are a number of reasons why people avoid doing these things but hypnotherapy can get to the root cause and fix the problem! My multi-million selling range of hypnosis MP3s will give you everything you need to re-program your mind so losing weight and staying slim feels completely natural and normal to you!

Your thoughts, energy and emotions can be re-programmed to support a deep inner knowledge that your weight is not a struggle and your body is something to enjoy. You don't need to be stuck in an endless cycle of being obsessed about food, dieting and resenting your body! Through hypnosis YOU can become slim by unlocking the incredible power of your unconscious mind. My downloads have helped countless people change negative thought patterns that caused them to avoiding exercise and eat sugary, fatty and unhealthy foods. You can join them now!

This package worth $79 includes:

Lose Weight Hypnosis Offer by Glenn Harrold

MP3 Downloads
✔ Lose Weight Now! (68 mins)
✔ Spiritual Weight Loss (44 mins)
✔ Exercise & Fitness Motivation (44 mins)
✔ Build Your Self Esteem (67 mins)

PDF eBooks
✔ Lose Weight in 7 Easy Steps
✔ Lose Weight - The 8 Golden Rules
✔ The Ultimate Guide To Self Hypnosis

Together these titles normally sell for $79 but they are available here at just $47.
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More details on these amazing hypnosis audios...

Lose Weight Now!
This title focuses on the physical aspect of losing weight. It uses skilled weight control hypnotherapy techniques to help you break negative associations with dieting and eating. It will also help you begin the process of reprogramming your mind to take complete control of your eating habits automatically. This title includes two versions of the main track, one to wake you up at the end, and the second will send you off to sleep after the session finishes and is ideal for using a bedtime.

Track Listing:
1. Lose Weight Now! (awake ending) - 32:53 mins
2. Lose Weight Now! (sleep ending) - 35:08 mins
3. Lose Weight Affirmations Track - 33:31 mins

Spiritual Weight Loss
This empowering recording focuses on the mental and spiritual aspects of weight loss. It will allow you to take back control and remove any spiritual and emotional energy blocks and break repetitive behavioural patterns. By healing yourself emotionally and clearing your energy body of imprints from the past you can release patterns that have been with you for a long time. When you heal yourself spiritually it will naturally follow that you will heal yourself physically and emotionally.

Track Listing:
1. Spiritual Weight Loss (awake ending) - 40:59 mins
2. Spiritual Weight Loss (sleep ending) - 44:18 mins

Exercise & Fitness Motivation
The first track will help you to develop a strong desire to exercise regularly by associating feelings of pleasure and enjoyment with exercise and fitness. The second track is a hypnosis affirmation recording that should be used as a booster to help instill the suggestions in your unconscious mind. Glenn's voice will guide you into a deep and relaxed state of mental and physical relaxation and you will be given a number of post hypnotic and direct suggestions to help you to become more active in your daily life.

Track Listing:
1. Exercise & Fitness Motivation (awake ending) - 28:48 mins
2. Exercise Affirmations Track (awake ending) - 15:46 mins

Build Your Self-Esteem
This recording will help you build your self-esteem by overcoming anxieties and releasing old insecurities. It will encourage you to develop a strong feeling of confidence in your daily life, helping you to overcome self-doubt and to raise your esteem levels. Glenn's highly acclaimed hypnosis techniques and layered production will help you achieve this in a safe and natural way.

Track Listing:
1. Build Your Self-Esteem (awake ending) - 33:53 mins
2. Build Your Self-Esteem (sleep ending) - 34:35 mins
3. Believe In Yourself (awake ending) - 30:09 mins
4. Believe In Yourself (sleep ending) - 33:08 mins

Three eBooks by Glenn Harrold will also be included in your download:

✔ Lose Weight in 7 Easy Steps
✔ Lose Weight - The 8 Golden Rules
✔ The Ultimate Guide To Self Hypnosis

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Weight Loss Success Stories...

I have tried hypnosis previously without results or significant effects so when i stumbled accross Glenn Harrolds MP3s I thought id have one last go with a different hypnotherapist. The results have been better than I could have wished. I lost 6 pounds in around 10 days and have kept the weight off too! My weight is going down slowly and steadily and i think about food in a totally different way now.
C. Rogerson, Lancashire, UK
I have downloaded Deep Sleep, Lose Weight and Stop Smoking... I no longer smoke, I have lost 18 Lbs and I now have some of the best and deepest sleep ever! I swear by these... What's great, is I have them on my iPod and take them everywhere! My thanks to you Mr. Harrold... and anyone who doesn't believe me can drop me an email anytime, and I will confirm this for them.
Detective Anthony La Femina, NYC Police Dept
Fantastic! After 3 months I had lost 2.5 stones. After 5 months I've kept it off - weight decreasing slowly and safely and I'm exercising (and enjoying it!) This worked beyond expectations! I came to this MP3 after using the one to get over fear of flying by the same guy. That worked - (have flown 4 times since using it - no problems.) Thank you Glenn Harrold!
Patty, London, UK
Lose Weight Now! is without doubt the best [MP3] I have experienced and I have tried lots of diets over last 10 years - all with short term success. But I was always thinking about food in between meals. Now I don't and if I reach for anything it is a glass of water. Plus do not feel stressed. Fantastic. Many thanks. Please let me know when/if Glenn does a workshop as I am a definite attendee.
Paul Fay, UK
Since listening to this nearly every night when I go to bed I have lost nearly 2 stone, and haven't had the urge to binge once! Coincidence? Well it could be! But in 40 years dieting, this is the first time it's happened. Draw your own conclusions!
Judith Mccafferty, Yorkshire, UK
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the various MP3s I have bought. My particular favourite at present is the Lose Weight Now which I have been listening to for the last month. I have lost half a stone and have started exercising every day. I eat slowly and choose healthy choices all the time. The idea of eating fatty or sickly foods makes me feel ill! I have struggled for years with being overweight and comfort eating and I have no doubt in my mind that listening to this is what has helped me to shift my mindset to a healthier way of life. I have recommended it to loads of people and can't praise it highly enough!
Sarah Clein, UK
ASTONISHING!! I bought this with some reservations, as I had tried a similar one from a well-known hypnotist with limited success. However, I noticed some effects immediately, and was encouraged to carry on. It is now 2 weeks later, and I am hooked! My self-image has improved, which is a vital part of the positive attitude needed to complete to a goal weight, especially when you have a lot to lose. Also, I am finding it easy to 'keep control of my eating habits', and I no longer think of food all day! Believe me, this is some achievement, having been a 'comfort eater' for a very long time! I cannot recommend this highly enough. It is EXTREMELY powerful, and used correctly, will change your life for ever.
Bazz, Merseyside, UK
I have lost 3lbs in just under 2 weeks. I listen every night. I say goodnight to my husband and then listen to the other man in my life!! I have been trying to get back to my goal weight of about 10st 8lbs since last August but nothing seemed to work. I was 11st 5lbs when I first listened 11 days ago. I have been a lot more active, motivated and for some reason a lot happier - maybe due to relaxation. I am now 11st 2lbs and want to get to 10st 7lbs which I know I will do. I don't even think of the word 'diet' any more (as your MP3 suggests) just good old healthy eating - it's great. Many thanks again!"
Carole, Bedfordshire, UK
I bought this not really convinced that it would work for me but thought it couldn't hurt. Having lost two and a half stone last year I found the weight slowly creeping back on; it was seemingly impossible to regain my previous motivation to maintain. But I have been using Glenn Harrold's MP3 for just two weeks and have already lost 8lbs. Glenn Harrold's voice is soothing and reasuring and I had no difficulty relaxing. Listening has given me the encouragement that I needed to change my life permanently. I'm delighted with the results! I really feel now that I will be able to maintain my idea weight.
Mrs. S. Goldstone, Manchester, UK
This is a wonderful, upbeat hypnosis [MP3] that will aid you in losing weight... It combines deep relaxation with positive thoughts. It is a unique approach.
Lose Weight Now - Review in Creations Magazine, USA

About Glenn Harrold

International Million-Selling Self Help Audio Author

Glenn receiving a Gold Disc from Nielsenn BookData Glenn Harrold is one of the world’s most successful hypnotherapists. He has sold over 4 million hypnosis audio titles and helped countless people including many celebrities during his 20 year career. His hypnotherapy audios are well established as the UK's best-selling self-help series of all time and consistently top the self-help audio charts.

Glenn has also written many self-help books for Orion in the UK and McGraw Hill in the USA. He has produced hypnosis audio recordings for the BBC and Diviniti Publishing. In 2006 he was awarded a gold disc from Nielsen BookData for sales of over £250,000 ($414,000) of his best-selling title, Complete Relaxation. This is the only gold disc Nielsen have awarded to an author in the self-help genre!

In 2011 he was made a Fellow of The British School of Clinical Hypnosis in acknowledgement of his achievements in the world of hypnotherapy. Glenn has also been featured in the media on many occasions to give his expert opinion or help celebrities overcome their problems (see his celebrity endorsements below).

Celebrity Testimonials

Jaqueline Gold"What sets Glenn aside from other hypnotists is that he firstly listens to what it is you want to achieve and then begins to dig deep to understand the root of the problem rather than automatically blaming it on childhood experiences, which I have found other hypnotists do. I have found Glenn to be extremely engaging with a likable and calming nature. He has a way of making you feel at complete ease even when you are talking about a difficult subject. Most importantly Glenn has delivered, and for me that is the icing on the cake!"
Jacqueline Gold - Chief Executive, Ann Summers

Andrea Mclean"I did feel pretty rough for a few days (after my hypnotherapy session with Glenn) as my body was missing the sugar, but that soon passed and I feel I'm finally free of my sugar cravings and chocolate addiction! I tried a piece of chocolate to see what happened and it tasted horrible!"
Andrea Mclean - GMTV & Loose Women

Jason Vale"When it comes the the power of the sub- conscious mind, Glenn Harold is the man. He is the UK's best-selling non-fiction audio author and for good reason. His books and audio CDs/downloads have helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. If you allow him into your world, you won't regret it!"
Jason Vale - The Juice Master

Janey Lee Grace"Glenn is refreshingly real. He's kind of 'rough and ready made good' and his honest approach to setting goals, tips to de-stress and take control of your own life really ring true. The book comes with an excellent audio CD too. Perfect for anyone who is put off by seemingly smug self help gurus. Glenn is the real deal"
Janey Lee Grace - Co-presenter BBC 2 Steve Wright Show

Lindsay Lohan"Feels good to wear headphones and listen to Glenn Harrold's Complete Relaxation."
Lindsay Lohan - Actress

Shazzie"I'm so happy to have Glenn Harrold as my friend. His work offers a wonderful mix of mystery, talent and genuine love. In fact, I reckon that Glenn is Britain's best kept secret. Who knew that he was a multi-million selling author and recording artist? With his humble ways and his ability to act normal in a crowd, you wouldn't guess it. But I bet either you or someone you know has been boosted by one of Glenn's many books, apps or recordings. And if you haven't yet been soothed by Glenn, I urge you to seek his work out… Everyone could do with a little more Glenn and a lot less stress in their lives!"
Shazzie - TV Presenter & Author

Prediction Magazine"Glenn Harrold gets our gold star this month. Glenn is a huge inspiration after overcoming his own life struggles to achieve success by helping others, and is one of the most selfless, lovely people we have ever had the pleasure of working with."
Prediction Magazine

The Telegraph "Hypnotic heartbeat paced sound effects and heavenly music lull you into a relaxed state and boy do they work."
Sophie Campbell - The Sunday Telegraph

The Times "I was startled by the effectiveness of this self-hypnosis audio."
Christina Hardyment - The Times

Womens Fitness Magazine "I can honestly say that the effectiveness of Glenn's methods absolutely shocked me. I had entered the room as a sceptic and was blown away."
Carole Marsh - Women's Fitness Magazine

Bianca Gascoigne "My sessions with Glenn really helped and it was quite an uplifting experience. I went under really easily. Glenn had such a calming voice and I felt totally safe."
Bianca Gascoigne - Model

London Lite "Then he hypnotised me, which basically meant getting me into the most relaxed state I'd ever known. Half an hour later I came round thinking I'd had my eyes closed for 10 minutes. I felt amazing!"
Humfrey Hunter - The London Lite Newspaper

Samanda "Glenn cured my (fish phobia) and fear of watching people eat seafood. It's brilliant - I'm most happy about being able to go in the sea again!"
Amanda Marchant - Big Brother Contestant

Charlotte Mears "I was sceptical about the idea of hypnosis to begin with, but in just two hour-long sessions, Glenn had got to the bottom of my (balloon) phobia. At the end of the session, he made me blow up a balloon, which I'd never done before. I felt really good about myself."
Charlotte Mears - Model

The Sunday Express "This (Energy & Motivation CD) sent me into a state of complete relaxation, physically and mentally. It helped me sleep too."
Sunday Express Magazine

Ursula James "Glenn Harrold has extraordinary skills, not only as a musician but a healer. The sheer number of people he has helped over the years is a testament to this."
Ursula James - Hypnotherapist & University Lecturer

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